Nagisa - My Gaming Computer of 2008-2009

(Last updated: March 28, 2010)



By Alexander J. Yee


To say the least: I'm a die-hard gamer, a fan of Japanese Anime, a computer enthusiast, and a software developer - typical of an undergraduate engineering student.

So here's the computer that can serve all those interests. (I'm also a bowler and a pianist, but that can't be helped...)

Nagisa is an all-in-one: Desktop Computer, Gaming Box, Video Renderer, and Programming Workstation.




Specifications as of March 2009:

"Nagisa", "Nagisa Workstation" (from the Anime Series "Clannad"), or simply, "The Heater".
Dual 3.2 GHz Intel Quad-core Xeon X5482 Harpertown
64 GB DDR2 FB-DIMM @ 800 MHz (quad channel)
Tyan Tempest S5397
GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512 MB GDDR3 ram
Hard Drives
750 GB SATA II Seagate (Boot drive)
4 x 1 TB SATA II Seagate (No raiding)
Operating System
64-bit Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
Built By
Mostly by my friend/roommate Raymond Chan - in a static and humidity controlled laboratory.
Raymond, being more of a computer enthusiast than me, has much more experience building computers than I do.
Future Upgrades
Better Video Card...
Other Thoughts
It runs Crysis pretty smoothly on max settings if we don't set the resolution too high. We'll need a better video card for it to handle it on max resolution as well.
It also keeps us nice and warm during Chicago winters...

What do I use her for?

CPU-Z + Task Manager



In the Middle of a Computation...



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